About Us

Esentium is a Central America-based grower, processor and exporter of Full Spectrum Moringa.   Unlike most suppliers, we guarantee our hand-picked moringa leaf products contain the full spectrum of nutrients moringa is prized for including a minimum 30% protein content and a guarantee of no traces of heavy metals.

Specializing in Ultra Premium Moringa for brands and food service, our NOP and EU certified organic farms located in the rich volcanic soils of western Nicaragua adhere to regenerative agriculture principles.

Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond just satisfying requirements for labels and certifications.  We focus on site-specific and long-term objectives that directly result in increased bio-diversity and increased carbon capture in soils that not only improves productivity and nutrient density of our products but also helps mitigate climate change.

As a mission-driven enterprise, we strive to be a direct, on-the-ground development partner to our employees and local communities where we have repaired local access roads and built a bridge.  We spread the benefits of moringa to undernourished communities by donating moringa leaf powder to local foodbanks.

Our FDA-registered processing facility adheres to global food safety practices and we use a precision-controlled drying system that ensures gentle drying so that our products retain the vibrant potency of the nutrients found on the live plant.

We strive to be a long-term partner to our customers in the U.S. and Europe and coordinate fluidly to ensure smooth supply chain management and logistics.  We actively seek out customers that are committed to quality and who share our values of transparency and integrity throughout the supply chain so that the local communities in rural areas where our work takes place benefit as well.

Our clients include the leading moringa brand in the USA.

Contact us if you’d like to learn more or to schedule a visit to our farms in beautiful Nicaragua!