Moringa Extracts

Cold Pressed Moringa Oil: We use solvent-free, slow methods to cold press seeds from our specially designated elite moringa trees to obtain the most pure, wholesome oils that contain their full spectrum of healthy lipids, vitamins and antioxidants.  Unlike other suppliers, we only do one pass of seed through our cold press to ensure we have highest quality oil. Our oil is used by our clients as a key ingredient in their fine cosmetic products and also converted into esters and butters for further use in the cosmetics industries. And of course, you can use our pure moringa oil directly for your hair and skin care needs.

Moringa Seed Cake: Our seed cake is especially high in oil since we only do one pass of seed through our cold press. We are working on refining processes to extract further value from the seed cake, such as a natural flocculant for use in the perfume industry.

Zeatin: We will soon offer a potent extract containing high levels of zeatin. Zeatin is a natural plant-derived growth hormone that has useful applications for skin repair treatments.

Moringa Leaf Extract (MLE): Under research, MLE will offer a concentrated form of the most beneficial molecules found in moringa for use in beverages and supplements beneficial for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.