Our Story


I’m Julio, founder of Esentium. Thanks for your interest in learning more about the Ultra Premium Moringa products we offer and about our mission-driven enterprise.

I’m sure that, like me, the more you learn about moringa, the more impressed and enthusiastic you will get. Why? Well, not only is the moringa tree nature’s most potent and versatile super-plant (you’ve probably already heard it contains massive loads of vitamins, antioxidants and other nutrients that help manage diabetes and help cancer patients and that you can use the seeds, pods, leaves, flowers, and even roots) but also the moringa tree is one of nature’s fastest growing, most drought tolerant and resilient species!

That brings us to why I founded Esentium.

When I was barely 3 years old, my family made the hard decision to seek political asylum in the U.S.  Like many hard-working immigrants, I grew up watching my parents make ends meet by growing and selling produce from a small family farm in south Florida and by selling home-made desserts and hand-crafted cheeses to local ethnic restaurants.  My parents’ hard work and example compelled me to excel at school and eventually led me to the University of Florida where I encountered the Rodale Institute and a new vision for sustainable farming. By the time I graduated college, war had ended in my home country.  Eager to help rebuild my country and armed with a degree in agriculture I decided to return to the country where I had been born—Nicaragua.

In Nicaragua, I embarked on a thirteen-year career in rural economic development—helping rural men and women transition to higher income generating farm activities. After designing and managing several development projects with a combined budget of nearly U$50 million that impacted thousands of smallholder farmers, I became convinced that I could have a more positive and lasting impact by leveraging my passion, past experiences and an MBA from UC Berkeley to start up a new agricultural value chain that would create jobs and help diversify the incomes of farmers well into the future. So, I quit my day job and embarked on a year-long sabbatical to discover what this new value chain would be.

As you can guess by now, fate led me to the moringa tree.

This wonderful tree, has not only helped me fulfill my personal mission to develop a new, innovative and environmentally sustainable business activity that creates rural jobs and improves livelihoods for many in my home country, but it also enables me to realize my second passion, shared with my wife, a yoga and life coach, to bring to market products and services that improve the health and wellness of people and the planet.

It is no coincidence that moringa is known as the Miracle Tree!

As the world wakes up to the amazing health benefits of moringa, I remain excited for the new and innovative products and extracts that can be derived from moringa.  On a deeper level, I am especially excited about the prospects of developing moringa leaf extracts that will be beneficial for families like my own who have beautiful members on the autism spectrum.  Herein lies my commitment to Ultra Premium Moringa made with love each step of the way.

Thanks again for visiting our site and reading this message.

Julio C. Montealegre, Esentium Founder and CEO, and his family.